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Welcome to STi Custom Manufacturing, your partner in product development.

We have two decades of experience in designing, manufacturing and supporting our own line of portable traffic safety equipment, and are now offering our custom manufacturing capabilities to a broader market.

Lehigh Valley Custom Manufacturing Learn more about our services
Learn more about our services

Our Services

  1. Product Management

    Lehigh Valley Product Management
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  2. Design and Engineering

    Lehigh Valley Design and Engineering
    Learn more Design and Engineering
  3. Purchasing and Planning

    Lehigh Valley Purchasing and Planning
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  4. Fabrication

    Lehigh Valley Fabrication
    Learn more Fabrication
  5. Prep and Paint

    Lehigh Valley Prep and Paint
    Learn more Prep and Paint
  6. Electronics and Cabling

    Lehigh Valley Electronics and Cabling
    Learn more Electronics and Cabling
  7. PCB Board Assembly

    Lehigh Valley PCB Board Assembly
    Learn more PCB Board Assembly
  8. Product Assembly

    Lehigh Valley Product Assembly
    Learn more Product Assembly
  9. Inspection and Testing

    Lehigh Valley Inspection and Testing
    Learn more Inspection and Testing
  10. Logistics

    Lehigh Valley Logistics
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  11. Customer and Product Support

    Lehigh Valley Customer and Product Support
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  12. Let's Get Started

Custom manufacturing from concept through shipping

You may find that custom manufacturers either lack a full range of capabilities, or have the right depth of ability, but are slow to respond and out of step with new customers. STi delivers on both accounts. We bring more than 20 years experience along with the passion of a startup. We are eager to partner with clients who appreciate our expertise and our drive to collaborate. What can we build for you?

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