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Samples of Our Work

  • SolarTrak: GPS Tracking Device for Construction Equipment

    Our customers were looking for a complete cost-effective telematics-based construction equipment fleet tracking and management solution. In response, SolarTech designed, developed and brought to market SolarTrak.
    SolarTrak is a comprehensive equipment tracking and management solution that uses an ultra-low-power consumption device consisting of an ARM based processor, a GPS receiver, an accelerometer, a GSM ip addressable modem and a backup battery. This tracker reports information such as location, battery voltage and engine hours to a network of servers. The servers then process the data and make all information available to users via the SolarTrak website. SolarTrak was 100% designed, developed and manufactured by SolarTech!

  • SmartZone

    Smart Zone is Solar Technology’s ITS workzone software that takes real-time data from sensors (volume, speed, queue detection), processes and analyzes it, and makes it available to Project Managers to enhance mobility in and around work zones. The data can be used to calm traffic, to alert motorists to changing conditions, to allow construction vehicle in and out of the zone, and to suggest alternate routes or alter work schedules.

    Best of all, the data provided by Smart Zone can be used to create, store and schedule messages without third party programming. Smart Zone includes simple condition-and-response choices that allow you to create scenarios tied to real-time data. You can schedule messages that slow traffic during peak traffic volumes, control merging and archive a log of what was displayed and when. Establish rules that govern automatically, or manually override messages for emergencies or other exceptions.

  • Message Board with Camera

    SolarTech customers can check traffic volume and allow traffic management staff to view work zones and merge points in real-time. SolarTech’s full sized portable changeable Message Boards can be outfitted with a camera that can extend above the board to monitor traffic. This option is useful in creating smart work zones. By using real-time traffic information supplied by the camera, transportation officials can customize messages to warn motorists about what is actually happening ahead.

    The new camera option allows the camera to be raised to nearly 20 feet above the ground. As shown in the photo, these Message Boards with Cameras also include a tilt and rotate solar array for optimal solar power collection.

  • Sidewalk Arrow Sign – San Francisco Airport

    sidewalk-arrow-sign-001 Sidewalk Arrow SignSolar Technology got a call from the San Francisco International Airport, asking for a specialty arrow board. The airport wanted to use the arrow sign to use for traffic control, but they wanted to mount it directly into the pavement and they wanted to replace the solar arrays and batteries with a power cord.

    SolarTech created a mount using two rectangular steel tubes, and designed and built a box to hold the controller and rewired the sign to operate using a power cord.

  • Custom Camera Mount for British Firm

    KellyBros -pix2BritishCameraIn March 2013, Kelly Brothers (, a traffic safety house located in Bristol, England and a regular SolarTech customer since the 1990s, requested a 30-foot solar-powered portable trailer and asked that we install a special European camera, a modem and antennae. Our engineers created a box in which the modem was mounted, then wired the antennae and camera to make one integrated system. Kelly Brothers was so pleased with the original five units they ordered in March, they placed a second order for three more in August.

  • Arrow Board Side Cross Controller Mount for Rental Houses

    AB SideCrossMount-CAD-sm SideCrossArrowController-open@72Solar Technology provides a variety of signs to Traffic Equipment Rental Houses, and they were having issues with our Arrow Boards, which have the controller mounted inside the battery box. Rental houses did not want their customers to have access to the batteries. We redesigned the controller and separated it from the batteries, and now offer an option to have the controller mounted on the side cross member at eye level. The controller has a lid that swings open to access the controls, with a slide latch and a hole for installing a padlock. Problem solved!

  • Kentucky Emergency Management’s Customized Message Board

    IRT-CAD IRT-photoIn 2008, the Kentucky Emergency Management Association challenged STi to create an emergency response message board, equipped with safety barrels and traffic cones to secure an accident site. SolarTech modified its trailer to accommodate 10 barrels and 25 traffic cones, bringing everything needed to the scene in one unit. The new Incident Response Trailer was so well received, that we added it to our line as a standard product.

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