Solar Technology Inc. - Lehigh Valley, PA



  • NOW HIRING: Texas Sales Manager

    The SolarTrak division is looking to hire a sales manager in the Texas and South Central U.S. territory. The successful candidate will be responsible for promoting the sale and distribution of the SolarTrak GPS/Telematics Fleet Management solution to the rental equipment industry, construction contractors and any business with fleets of equipment.

    Knowledge of GPS products and/or the construction and rental industries is preferred, as is prior sales experience. You should be a self-starter who can present demos, make cold calls and help with installation.

    Read the Regional Sales Manager Texas Requirements here. Send resume to

  • NOW HIRING: Electrical Engineer

    SolarTech’s Engineering Department is looking for an entry-level Electrical Engineer to support its current projects. Responsibilities include product design and development support activities. This engineer will also assist the repair department in performing failure analysis of products from the field and initial production.

    Requirements: College graduate with an Electrical/Electronic Engineering Bachelors Degree from a reputable engineering school and advanced computer skills. Must have sound knowledge of CAD design systems.

    Helpful to understand PCB assembly techniques, metal fabrication techniques, painting processes, assembly processes and techniques, electronic assembly techniques and wire and cable assembly techniques.

    Read the Staff Electrical Engineer Requirements here. Any questions? Please call SolarTech.

  • NOW HIRING: Parts Supervisor

    The Parts Supervisor will be responsible for choosing, packing and shipping parts. This supervisor is primarily responsible for picking parts, processing orders, packaging parts for shipment, preparing bills of lading and data entry into UPS Worldship as well as entering shipment data into Sage 100.

    To qualify for this position, you should be well organized and have excellent skills in both oral and written communication between multiple departments. We prefer 3 to 5 years’ experience in shipping/receiving.

    Read the Parts Supervisor Job Requirements here. Apply in person at SolarTech between 8 am and 4 pm.

  • NOW HIRING: Receiver

    SolarTech’s Shipping and Receiving Department is looking for a receiver with 3-5 years experience to handle incoming deliveries. Your will receive all inbound materials, inspect for proper quality and quantity, process all associated paper work, pack and ship goods, and stock goods per part number and description.

    Its helpful if you are familiar with carriers like UPS, Airborne Express, Federal Express, and Truck shipping and receiving procedures, including documentation, policies and procedures.

    Read the full Receiver Job Description here. Apply in person at Solar Technology.

  • NOW HIRING: Paint Prep

    Our Paint Department is looking for an experienced painter with minimum 6 months experience or training in paint application. The successful candidate must be familiar (or demonstrate the ability to become familiar with) metal cleaning/preparation and paint spraying techniques and equipment, including grinding, iron phosphate pressure washing and HVLP or air/electrostatic type spray painting.

    Read the Paint Dept Prep Requirements here. Apply in person at SolarTech.

  • Product Management

    Project Managers are responsible for the oversight and status of all projects, and primary support for project-level activity to ensure that overall goals will be met. Our Program Managers perform activities related to schedule, resource management, and cross-functional execution.

  • Design and Engineering

    Solar Technology hires talented Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Software (Embedded and Application) Product Development Team for complete product design and development – from initial concept to final design.  We use of a full suite of sophisticated CAD solutions including Finite Element Analysis (for mechanical designs) and Signal Integrity Analysis (for electronic PCB designs).  We create working prototypes, using 3-D printing (via one of our rapid prototype partners) in combination with our own in-house R&D prototype fabrication and assembly capabilities.

  • Fabrication

    SolarTech has a full metal fabrication department, and hires graduates from the local technical institutes.  We create simple or complex custom fabricated metal assemblies using all types and sizes of sheet metal parts (via our long-time partner Daria Metal Fabricators), and all types, shapes and sizes of HRS, CRS and aluminum stock (tubing, angle, flat-stock, channel, etc.).  Our Fabrication Department includes sawing, punching, forming, bending, plasma cutting, grinding, etc.  We also have an aluminum Profile Machining Center, and multiple welding stations (pulsed MIG for both steel and aluminum).

  • Prep and Paint

    After fabrication is complete, all metal assemblies are completely de-burred, all welds ground smooth and all sharp edges removed.  Next they are cleaned in a high-temperature, high-pressure Iron Phosphate Pre-Treatment process, followed by the application of a very durable finish — an Epoxy Primer and an Aliphatic Urethane Top-Coat.  The Paint Department hires tech graduates with auto body painting experience.

  • Electronics and Cabling

    Using our fully automatic CNC wire cutting and stripping machine along with a complete line of Molex and Amp presses, we create simple jumper wires to very complex wire harness assemblies.  Our Electronics Department uses an automatic tester that checks for continuity, resistance and correct pin-out.

  • Product Assembly

    SolarTech hires workers skilled at both very light and moderately heavy assembly. We assemble everything from small electronic devices and controllers up to our large towable trailers for highway signs. For heavy and/or large assembly we have two assembly lines with multiple overhead 2-ton cranes with a minimum lift height of 18 feet.

  • Inspection and Testing

    Absolutely nothing leaves our facility without the scrutiny of SolarTech’s Quality Assurance Team. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, each and every component, subassembly and final assembly is inspected, tested and approved per pre-established, pre-approved and fully documented procedures to ensure the quality we promise is delivered.  All inspection records are maintained for 10 years.

    If a failure or deficiency does occur after delivery, we can track down when, where and why the problem occurred and implement changes to eliminate the source of the failure, thus preventing it from happening again. Note: rejected components or subassemblies are not simply discarded or repaired. Per our ISO Corrective Action Procedure, we conduct root cause analysis: tracking down and eliminating the sources of non-conformances to eliminate future problems.

  • Customer and Product Support

    Our commitment to our products does not end when they leaves our facility. We can supply post-delivery customer support, including training and technical assistance, standard and warranty repair services and parts support. Jobs in the Customer Service Department are by merit only.